Vision, Mission and Values

 AQSH Vision, Mission and Values


1.1 Vision


1.1.1. To be recognized as the most preferred healthcare provider in the region due to our commitment in providing the highest quality care and services along with the development of a healing environment that exceeds the expectations of the patients and families we serve.

1.1.2. To be the preferred hospital in the region due to our reputation as a hospital that meets and/or exceeds international accreditation standards for quality and patient safety.

1.1.3. To be renowned as the elite provider in the region offering the most advanced healthcare services through the integration of modern technology, specialized services and innovation.

1.1.4. To be the provider of choice for physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals to practice medicine and serve the healthcare needs of the community.

1.1.5. To be a respected community leader renowned for its commitment to meeting the healthcare needs of the entire community through incomparable patient care and wellness programs.


1.2. Mission:


 1.2.1. Al Qadi specialty Hospital is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the community we serve through delivering high quality healthcare at international standards. We offer our passionate commitment to provide excellent patient care that is delivered with compassion and respect for the individual and family


1.3. Values:


 1.3.1. Respect for the communities, patients, and families we serve along with our staff and colleagues we work with in collaboration with.

1.3.2. Compassion for those we serve by providing for their needs with compassion and respect.

1.3.3. Integrity exemplified in all we do to ensure we convey the utmost level of professionalism, ethics, and accountability to our patients and their families who place their trust in us.

1.3.4. Healing the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually is how we earn the trust and patronage of the communities we serve.

1.3.5. Excellence is our healthcare team’s commitment to the patients and families, in order to deliver optimal outcomes and the highest quality healthcare services.

1.3.6. Innovations in education, research, and healthcare motivate us to trust each other and value the creativity and inherent talents of all the individuals that comprise our team who are committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of our community.