About Al Qadi

A state of the art 140 bed hospital is planned as a company which will be considered a healthcare developer not just an operator.

We are proud to say that Al Qadi Specialty Hospital is the first healthcare organization in KSA having management contract with American Hospital Management Company (AHMC) in which AHMC is solely responsible for its management and operations in four main positions. These consist of the CEO, COO, CNO, and Director Quality, which will be held by American healthcare executives. They will be responsible for selection of the remaining positions. The purpose of having contract with AHMC is to bring Western Healthcare standards and quality services to KSA.

Al Qadi Specialty Hospital is going to be equipped with a state of the art HIS system and all other equipment which will rival the best facilities in the world.

Al Qadi Specialty Hospital will go for JCI accreditation immediately after operations.

We have planned also to bring world renowned International Visiting Professors which will not only give exposure to our existing faculty but also to the community we serve.