Patient Rights

Patient's Rights


Getting the best integrated health care according to his / her condition

Being treated in a kind way.

Getting complete privacy throughout management procedures, except for the body parts which should, necessarily, be explored for these purposes.

Obtaining detailed information from the treating doctor, in easy understandable words, regarding his / her diagnosis and treatment.

Getting to know the treating doctor’s name, specialty and ways to contact him.

Getting to know and discuss the treatment plan, alternatives, complications and risk.

Getting continuous and systematic care with referral to different care levels as needed.

Getting his/her written consent based on his/her or his/her next of kin, knowledge of any surgical / invasive procedure to be done or anesthesia if required; except in emergency situations requiring immediate / urgent medical attention or surgical intervention.

Getting complete confidentiality about his/her medical history/condition, passing the information only by his approval; except when requested by law.

Make an oral or written complaint or provide the hospital suggestions without affecting the quality of service provided to him.

Having the right to refuse meeting / dealing with any person not involved in health care provision, including visitors.

Having the right to know, in advance, the cost of medical care, if possible.

Having the right to have a second medical opinion, if he / she wish.

Having the right to obtain an accurate and objective medical report and the results of investigations with respect to his / her condition.